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pink latex gloves

Our pink latex gloves Using high quality natural latex, special formula, more durable than ordinary gloves of the same type.

With high quality fluff, it can make your work more agile. It is easy to wear with curling technology, and the edge is not easy to tear.

Our pink  latex gloves advantage

Disposable latex glove offer ultimate comfort and protection, a perfect combination of strength, elasticity and slip resistance. All gloves are powder free gloves. Because of their thickness and elasticity they perform well in high risk, heavy duty situations. They fit comfortably like a second skin.

We produce medical latex gloves, latex examination gloves and protective gloves,  sell above Gloves to many countries such as, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Philippines and so on.  Welcome to send us an inquiry.


pink latex gloves
Our pink latex gloves Details

How to keep pink latex gloves after use

The used gloves should be taken off immediately and soaked in the disinfectant for 30min. When soaking, the front of the gloves should be turned over. Because the reverse side of the gloves is often outside, it can’t decontaminate and sterilize. Because the gloves are light, they will float on the liquid surface. When soaking, the gloves should be pressed down to make the gloves immerse in the disinfectant. The disinfection effect is good.

After the soaked gloves are cleaned and dried, check whether there is any damage. The damaged ones can not be used again. Check whether the size of both hands is consistent. Put talcum powder into the glove bag and store them in the sterile room after sterilization. At present, there are disposable medical sterilized latex gloves in the medical market, and the outer shell is packed with paper. The gloves also need to be disinfected and treated as medical waste after being used up, which can not be discarded casually.

matters needing attention

1. There are many drugs that can damage gloves made of some materials. If this is a dangerous drug, the degradation of gloves will lead to human exposure to infectious substances. Drugs that may degrade and penetrate gloves include glutaraldehyde, formaldehyde, xylene, hypochlorite solution, alcohol, chemotherapeutic drugs, grease, petroleum ointment, non polymerized bone cement and many other disinfectants, fungicides and general chemicals, so it is better to wear double gloves when meeting these drugs.

2. When the adhesive tape, trademark, ECG or other sticky substances stick to the gloves and are not easy to remove, they will also damage the protective barrier of the gloves. At this time, strong removal will tear the gloves, which should be paid attention to.

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Are latex gloves better than nitrile?

The answer is that Nitrile is a stronger higher quality glove then Latex. However, Latex is a cheaper option for those that do not require stronger chemical and puncture resistance

Are latex gloves waterproof?

Are latex gloves waterproof? Latex gloves are stronger than synthetic vinyl gloves and provide stronger barrier protection, so they're more waterproof than synthetic gloves. Also, latex gloves are recommended for incidental contact and offer an advantage in that they're good for biological and water-based materials.

Do latex gloves degrade?

Yes. Disposable gloves are unrecyclable and millions end up in our landfills every year. ... Even gloves made from latex (a natural rubber) take a long time to biodegrade because other chemicals are added to the gloves. Conclusion: Disposable gloves are bad for the environment.

What kind of gloves do hospitals use?

Due to the increasing rate of latex allergy among health professionals, and in the general population, gloves made of non-latex materials such as polyvinyl chloride, nitrile rubber, or neoprene have become widely used.

How do you dispose of latex gloves?

The ideal way of removing the gloves in use is to turn wise draw them half way down, hold one inverted with another inverted and avoid any contact between hand and the used side of the glove. These gloves must be disposed off in the infectious waste or any segregated wet garbage.

What are latex gloves made of?

The most popular glove material, latex is a biodegradable material made of material originating from the latex ducts of rubber trees and despite the development of synthetic materials, is still the most elastic, resilient and form fitting material for gloves.

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